How is the digital marketing industry in India in the present and future?

Everyone is going to use the internet in coming time and that’s a good news as a Digital Marketer. Yes it might not be booming as much as it expected right now but I feel Digital Marketing is the future.

Digital Marketing is kinda a forest fire which probably cannot be stopped. There is a certain demand for Digital Marketing experts. And other Digital Marketing aspirant’s wants to learn the courses and programs from the best. It’s basically going to take over the traditional method of marketing sooner or later, not completely but majority of it will.

As speaking about India, there is the same kind of demand as the other nations. People want to know how to make use of the internet.Get the information that they want.
If only spoken about Digital Marketing there is demand for that too, about 20–25% job posting in job portal are of Digital Marketing. But it’s very sad to see that there are no much school’s and college’s which gives Digital Marketing as a course. There is a demand to learn but only handful of people teach, teach with quality.

In Digital Marketing the aspirant’s do not get bored because there are vast categories to learn and work such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, AdWords and there are many many more to that.

If you are looking forward to take up Digital Marketing as a career and want to learn about it. There could be a lot of universities, institutes, videos, blogs which will teach you about Digital Marketing. But since you have chosen to put your time and effort and some amount of money as well you must see what benefits do you reap from those. Benefits such as will it get you Google Certified? will they give you guaranteed placement? do they record their live classes?

I would really prefer to learn the trends about Digital Marketing without going to universities and rather do internship in Digital Marketing firm and gain experience and learn other trends through open institutes.