Online Marketing

Wazebs Technologies offer Internet Marketing | Online Marketing services that improve traffic to your websites and strengthen your brand image. As a successful Internet Marketing Company, our key aim to help businesses to achieve high website visibility, high search engine rankings and enhanced conversion rates through well executed Internet Marketing campaigns.

As one of the best Internet Marketing Companies in Patna-Bihar & Hyderabad – Andhra Pradesh, India. We understand that high volumes of targeted traffic combined with high conversion rates produce highly profitable websites.

Our Internet Marketing | Online Marketing Service Offering

  • Banner Advertising – Internet Marketing through interactive web banners or banner ads.
  • Link Exchange – Online Marketing through ethical white hat link building techniques therefore increasing your websites ranking in search engines.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)Internet Marketing through structured paid advertisement on search engines.
  • Affiliate Programs – Affiliate marketing is a online marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s marketing efforts.
  • Social Media Marketing | Social Media Optimization – Involves use of social media websites to enhance your Internet Marketing campaign.
  • Email Marketing – Involves marketing your products via email. With cutting-edge technology can help you keep track of who read the email, what kind of products were clicked and the most clicked products.
  • Landing Page analysis
  • Online PR | Reputation Management – Online PR is very useful in improving your corporate image.

Wazebs Internet Marketing Company emphasizes on high rank and conversion rate optimization. Our Internet Marketers are perfect at keyword research and analysis to leverage your website rank and traffic optimization. Our Internet Marketing services prompts the user to perform specific actions such as purchase, subscribe, call or register on the website. By employing our Internet Marketing services you get higher conversion rates your business and strengthen your corporate identity.

Link Building – Internet Marketing Campaign

High quality links contribute a lot to your overall search engine rankings. As part of our overall online marketing strategy we have ethical white hat link building techniques that can help your business rank higher on search engines. Our link building techniques include the below:

  • Complete Competitor Links Analysis
  • Guest Blogging
  • Blog Commenting
  • Article Publishing
  • Social Media Promotion  
  • Social Bookmarking

Website Audit – Internet Marketing Campaign

As part of our overall Internet Marketing strategy we provide a website audit to help us craft an effective online marketing strategy for your business. The website audit will look at and document the status of the following SEO factors:

  • Website Headers and Page Response
  • Duplicate Content & Supplemental Pages
  • Website Backlinks
  • Keyword Grouping & Focus
  • Internal Link Profile
  • Page Content
  • Link Anchor Text

A comprehensive website audit provides a blueprint for your business which can help you in decision making to improve your online marketing efforts.

Landing Page Analysis – Internet Marketing Campaign

The landing page is the immediate page your visitors get to when directed from search engines, directories or other external sources. Having well optimized landing pages is key to successfully converting your websites visitors in to serious sales leads. As a professional Internet Marketing Company we collaboratively with you to create highly optimized landing pages that convert.

Ranking Maintenance – Internet Marketing Campaign

Once your Internet Marketing efforts have produced results and you rank higher in search engines, the concept of maintaining the position comes into play now. This is an important stage of SEO and online marketing because most companies tend to relax at this level and their competitors will re-strategize and get an edge on them. With our expertise as one of the best Internet Marketing Companies in Patna – Bihar & Hyderabad – Andhra Pradesh, India we can help you maintain your hard earned position.

Our Search Engine Position Maintenance Services includes:

  • Weekly monitoring of your rankings for the targeted search terms
  • New optimized content to add to your site every month
  • Bookmarks from social networking sites per month.
  • Link Optimization.
  • Article writing and distribution including blog articles.

As an Internet Marketing company our main aim is to get you on top and help you stay there to get the highest return on your investment. Our monthly maintenance is part of our website placement service and continues

Reputation and Brand Management

Your online reputation is very important as a business. As a reputation management company we help combat negative reviews and monitor your brand online. Employing us as your reputation management company of choice will ensure that you operate your business with a peace of mind as our Online PR teamwork tirelessly to keep your brand relevant and effective.

Our great customer service, communication & transparency as well as our reporting will make us the best Internet Marketing agency for your company.

Advantages of Online Reputation Management (ORM), Services

  • Set brand awareness in this competitive world
  • Generate traffic to reach potential consumers
  • Boost Up Link popularity Increase conversion rates or meet sales targets
  • Enlarge your social group to set a company’s reputation
  • Interactive marketing, to get feedbacks and comments of users

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a revenue-sharing online marketing model that involves two parties, one that promotes another’s products or services and the other that provides commission or incentive for doing so.

As an extension of our online marketing services we provide affiliate marketing services. Our team of professional affiliate marketers helps you analyze, plan, implement and monitor your affiliate marketing efforts.