SEO Image optimization is additionally a very important method in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you’ve got a picture gallery in your web site then you’ve got to optimize those pictures within the search engines.

Crawlers (Spiders) cannot perceive the Image and text that is written within the Image. So SEO image optimization technique to optimize them within the search engines. This can be an easy technique to recollect whereas inserting the image within the web site.

We use image as background for styling functions. And that we use the image to point out or make a case for the concepts. Particularly the photographers use the pictures to point out their image galleries.

We don’t optimize the Background pictures since it’s used just for the styling purpose. We tend to optimize the images that are shown within the image gallery and therefore the images wont to make a case for the ideas. It depends on our demand whether or not to optimize each image or not. We tend to forever select on the requirement of the image whether or not to be optimized or not.

Remember Do SEO Image optimization to those pictures that desires. If reserve pictures are optimized we tend to simply loose the bandwidth


How to do IMAGE optimization – SEO?

This is straightforward technique, we tend to use “alt” attribute for the image to be optimized and if the image does not need the optimization we do not use the “alt” attribute for the image.


How to use the alt attribute?

Below is associate degree example for optimizing the anchor tag

<img alt=”Keyword” src=”image/sample-image.jpg” />

In the “alt” attribute use the keywords associated with the webpage and associated with the Image. Don’t stuff all the keywords within the “alt” attribute tag that it’ll be optimized for all the keywords. Otherwise the page is going to be thought of as spam by the Google. Use one to 2 keywords this can facilitate in optimizing the image simply within the search engines.

File Format of Image in SEO Optimization:

JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF are some common Image file format which are SEO friendly.