Data Entry Job in Patna

Wazebs Technologies is a professionally managed dynamic organization which invites talented individuals who can share in its growth. We appreciate talent and offer excellent opportunities for individual growth, learning and job satisfaction.

Wazebs Technologies seeks to provide career opportunities to people with a genuine interest in Data Entry and software services. The recruitment policy is designed with the flexibility to meet the changing needs of our organization so that we can continuously attract the best talent. As part of the Wazebs family, you will find yourself having fun and sense of fulfillment while you carve your niche in an evolving career.

Culture and Benefits:

Wazebs Technologies is a people centric organization with an aim to enrich relationships with its employees. We believe in equal opportunity and affirmative action and as an organization strive to exemplify an atmosphere of mutual trust, fair remuneration, long-term benefits and career development opportunities. We are firmly committed to building a professional organization that is a financially rewarding and fun place to work.

Data Entry Job in Patna


Job Description:Work involves in Data Entry various services and activities (Online / Offline Data Entry).

Desired Candidate Profile: Any graduate with basic typing speed 40 word per minute with 90% Accuracy.

Experience Required: 0 – 2 Years

Education Required: UG – Any Graduate – Any Specialization,Graduation Not Required PG – Any PG Course – Any Specialization,Post Graduation Not Required

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Data Entry Company in Patna

Wazebs Data Entry Company located in Patna, Bihar, India. Wazebs Data Entry Services is the preeminent supplier of back office administrative services, including online and offline data entry services, data processing, and data conversion. Data entry tasks are perfectly suited for offshore outsourcing. When you outsource to Wazebs Entry Services, your data entry tasks are performed by expert data entry professionals, dedicated to producing the best results at the most affordable cost and mitigating the expense of temporary resources or additional staff. We can quickly expand or contract the staffing model to suit the needs of your project.

The Wazebs Data Entry  team has more than two years of experience. We employ state-of-the-art technology, cutting edge skills and refined processes designed to provide the most responsive, accurate services. Our client list includes global companies from varied industries. Our guaranteed processes are designed to provide appropriate security to protect intellectual, proprietary and business data. We can address your immediate project needs or provide ongoing back office support services for your team.

Our data entry and data processing services include data processing, data conversion, data capture, data manipulation, and transcription, as well as initial data input services, online data entry and offline data entry, image data entry, medical and insurance claims data entry and data entry through remote desktop servers. Our comprehensive suite of data entry services provides dependable support for clients who wish to focus on core competency.

Our data entry, data processing and data conversion services are guaranteed for accuracy.  Our double entry verification process ensures that client data is complete and precise. Our services are designed to provide complete data security and confidentiality for every client. We produce a work product that provides simple access to critical data and leverages the power of organized information.

Our data entry and data processing services incorporate all forms of text and content data capture and, where appropriate, we can combine these services with data conversion or other services for all types of data collection, generation, and manipulation and client requirements.

We provides insight into the types of data entry, data processing and data conversion opportunities available to Wazebs Data Entry Services clients. We can gather, capture, collect, sort, copy paste, edit, index and enter data, create a database repository and migrate or convert data for reporting or database entry.

If you do not see a listing of the service you require, please contact us to discuss your project need. We are ready to explore options and solutions to satisfy your data capture and data manipulation requirements!
  • Data Entry from Image files in any format
  • Business transaction data entry for sales, purchasing, payroll and other business needs
  • eBook transcription and data entry
  • Catalogue content and image data entry
  • Yellow Page and White Page keying and data entry
  • Web site compilation and data entry
  • Business card data entry
  • Data entry from hard copy content
  • Software and application data and content entry
  • Billing and receipt data entry
  • Sales contacts and prospect data entry (ACT 2000 and ASAP)
  • Microsoft Office data and content entry (PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Visio)
  • Web data research and compilation, and data entry
  • Transcription of taped dictation or material
  • Manuscript transcription and formatting
  • Mailing list and mailing label data entry

Our team can handle any data entry project, no matter how simple or complex, and you need not trade low cost for quality output. Our quality processes ensure that the work product meets your expectations and our costs are designed to comply with every budget. We understand the data entry market and we are dedicated to client satisfaction and to maintaining a quality focus on every data entry project for every client.

If you are interested in finding out more about Wazebs Data Entry Services, please contact us  on 9155449999 today.

Software Company in Patna

Wazebs Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a Leading Web Design & Software Company headquartered in Patna, with offices in Hyderabad, India. We are the best Web Design, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Corporate Identity and Search Engine Optimization Company.

Wazebs Technologies has been providing Website Designing Services in Patna, Hyderabad & across India for more than Two years with a lot of Web Design and Web Development experience including Ecommerce Solutions and Search Engine Optimization mainly Google Rankings. Wazebs Technologies known for the best Software & Website Designing, Mobile Apps Development and Corporate Identity which places us amongst the best Website Designers available in Patna, Hyderabad & across India.

Why Website So Important for a Business?

When you own a business, your website is one of your most important mediums that can be used to reach new customers and generate more sales.

Whether you have an established website that is not currently working for you, or you are a complete novice to the online marketing world, improving your website so that it generates traffic and increases sales is the right thing for your business.

Without a high quality website that attracts visitors and provides you with a way to capture information, you are not using the Internet’s power to its full potential. The information below can provide you with an idea of why a good website is so important for your businesses’ bottom line.

Why is a Quality Business Website So Important?

A high-quality business “website provides” you with a way to capture the enormous amount of traffic that is on the Internet.

It also makes your business more accessible to your customers. It does this, by giving website users a way to contact you or find out valuable information about your products or services without having to get on the phone, and during non-business hours. There are literally millions of people searching the Internet for various reasons on any given day. If you are not trying to capture some of those visitors, then you are losing out on many potential sales each month. Just as your store gives you a physical presence a high-quality website provides you with an online Internet presence.

Benefits of Having a Good Website

As a business owner, there are many benefits to having a quality website that is able to not only generate traffic but also increase sales for your company. The first benefit that a business website can provide you with is it enables you to have access to customers that you otherwise might not have contact with. Without a website, you are only able to reach your potential market through traditional means, and not those potential customers that primarily use the internet for their purchase research.

By enlisting the help of an internet marketing service company, you can create a highly effective direct response website that enables you to reach out to Internet traffic.

By adding an opt-in form to a quality website, you can increase your earning potential each year by at least 20%. An opt-in form provides a means of capturing visitors’ contact information. This is very valuable as it will allow you to send current and potential customers information about promotions, important updates, and special sales events throughout the year.

The visitors on your list will be people that you know are already interested in the services that you are offering, and by sending out a sales message to them your rate of return will be much higher than with an untargeted ad in the newspaper.

I hope this info is helpful. For more about what I do, please visit my portfolio and other services  we do.

Wazebs Technologies provides Web Design & Development from Patna, Hyderabad, India.

Web Design Company in Patna

Wazebs Technologies is a Patna Based Web Design, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Corporate Identity and Search Engine Optimization Company.

Wazebs Technologies has been providing Website Designing Services in India for more than Two years with a lot of Web Design and Web Development experience including Ecommerce Solutions and Search Engine Optimization mainly Google Rankings.

Wazebs Technologies know how about Website Designing, Mobile Apps Development and Corporate Identity places us amongst the best Website Designers available in Patna, Bihar, India. We have a large portfolio of Web Applications that we have designed for our customers that have helped them gain not only online presence but also a lot of business in Bihar, India. Our Web Design client base spreads across Bihar, Hyderabad, and Delhi.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a component of Internet Marketing. Social Media Marketing makes use of social media channels and platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to promote the products and services of a specific company or business module. The key to social media marketing is interacting with other members of these social networks fostering business relationships. As a Social Media Marketing Company we are here to help your business take advantage of this free stream of clients and improve your ROI.

Wazebs Technologies is specializes in developing Social Media Marketing Solutions to help you amplify your brand presence, increase traffic, improve sales and in turn maximize your ROI. Social Media Marketing is a cost-effective mode of advertising through social media channels to attract large amounts of traffic to your website. Whether you want to sell your products, publish the business updates or press releases Social Media Marketing is a powerful method that will earn you profits at a much lesser cost.

Social Media Marketing Services Offering

  • Creation and optimization of your professional FaceBook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn other social profiles.
  • Copywriting services through writing unique, relevant and SEO-friendly articles for press releases and to uploaded on your blogs.
  • Managing your online community from monitoring their responses and feedbacks, striking conversations and interactive contests campaign creation.
  • Keeping your social media profiles updated and active.
  • Developing & implementing social widgets.
  • Social media auditing and analysis.
  • Blog development, design, maintenance and promotion.
  • Facebook advertisement management.
  • Social Bookmarking through addition social media sharing buttons on your website.
  • Integrate your Blog into your Social Media outlets to ensure all your customers and potential customers are kept up to date with your news and products.

At Wazebs Social Media Marketing Company we work with businesses every day to ensure that they are using their social media channels in the most effective ways to promote their brands. Our Social Media Marketing campaign revolves around your objectives. Our experienced social media marketers and our ability to listen to your business needs makes us one of the best social media marketing companies in Australia.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing:

  • Cost-effective way to promote brands.
  • Free website traffic generation.
  • Get instant reviews and feedback, which in turn helps you to improve your products and services to suit what the market needs.
  • Social media marketing complements paid advertising campaigns.
  • Build your companies credibility through participating in relevant forums & blogs.
  • It boosts up the brand visibility therefore strengthening your brand image.
  • Very crucial in link building through generation of inbound links
  • Help you to target demographic communities to localize your company’s services or product.
  • Monitor online communities of people discussing your product and services.

As a “Social Media Marketing Company”, we aim to target your audiences directly and efficiently via Social Media Marketing. Billions of users are active on these social media website so we help you tap into this avenue so you can increase your brand awareness and communication with target customers. We at Wazebs Technologies, as a Social Media Marketing Company understand that social media marketing greatly changed the way companies conduct their business online, they need to be more involved now.

We help businesses with their Social Media Marketing right from conceptualization to developing content, identifying the right social media platforms, building user base, developing engaging content, creating viral campaigns, monitoring conversations and promoting your marketing messages. This end-to-end social media marketing involvement makes us one of the best Social Media Marketing Companies in Patna, Bihar, Hyderabad, Delhi, USA,UAE.

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization is basically Social Media Marketing combined with Search Engine Optimization. This is a strategy mainly aimed at using Social Media Marketing to improve your sites search engine rankings.  As a Search Engine Marketing Company our service offering is tightly interlinked with Social Media Optimization Services. Social Media Optimization works through building a good social image on various online platforms, websites and communities which in turn helps search engines rank your website as a trusted site therefore improving your search engine rankings.

Our affordable Social Media Optimization (SMO) services help you strengthen your brand image and improve your search engine rankings. We find joy in providing these comprehensive services to our clients, which makes us one of the most trusted Social Media marketing Companies in Patna, Bihar, Hyderabad, Delhi, USA,UAE.

Our Social Media Optimization services right here:

  • Social Media Optimization Strategy Consulting
  • Online Reputation Management via Social Media Marketing
  • Press Release Optimization
  • Corporate Blogging services
  • Social Bookmarking services
  • Article, video and podcast creation and distribution services
  • Conceptualization, development and execution of a social media campaign
  • RSS implementation and optimization.

We would love to work with you and help your business create a valuable Social Media Marketing campaign. Contact us on +91-8252669668 to speak to a consultant or alternatively, you can leave us a message through our contact page.



HTML5 is a markup language for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web, and is a core technology of the Internet originally proposed by Opera Software. HTML5 is intended to subsume not only HTML 4, but XHTML 1 and DOM Level 2 HTML as well. HTML5 is not software that has to be installed but rather a new version of the language HTML.

Its major advantages are:

1. Mutuality

  • Due to usability purpose the web sites made by developers are highly interactive nowadays and for this developers need to include fluid animations, stream video, play music and Social Network sites like Facebook and Twitter into the websites. Till now they have only the option to integrate it with the help of Flash or Silverlight, Flex or javascript like tools. But these consume so much time to develop and even the complexity of web application also increased. But now with the help of HTML5 it is possible to embed video and audio, high quality drawings, charts and animation and many other rich content without using any plugins and third party programms as the functionality is built into the browser.

2. Cleaner markup / Improved Code

  • HTML 5 will enable web designers to use cleaner, neater code, we can remove most div tags and replace them with semantic HTML 5 elements.

3. Improved Semantics

  • Now it is easy to see which parts of the page are headers, nav, footers, aside, etc as the tags are specific for these all and most importantly know what their meaning and purpose is in whole the format. By using HTML5 elements we can increase the semantic value of the web page as the codes are very standardized.

4. Elegant forms

  • HTML5 enables designer to use more fancier forms. Even it makes form validation native to HTML, User interface enhancements and reduced need for JavaScript (only needed in browsers that don’t support form types). There will be different type of text inputs, search and different fields for different purpose.

5. Consistency

  • As websites adopt the new HTML5 elements we will see more greater consistency in terms of the HTML used to code a web page on one site compared to another. This will make it more easier for designers and developers to immediately understand how a web page is structured.

6. Improved Accessibility

  • Different technologies can elaborate on the features with the help of HTML5, as they can Immediately make more detailed understanding of the structure of a page by take a look at HTML5 elements it has.

7. Fulfill the need of Web application

  • Many new features and standards have emerged as part of HTML 5. Once you detect the available features in today’s browsers, you can take advantage of those features in your application. Main focus of HTML5 is to make easier application with easy front-ends, drag and drop tools, discussion boards, wikis and other useful elements.

8. Offline Application cache

  • All browsers have some kind of caching m After a sometime, you open up your laptop and click the Back button in the browser hoping to see the previous page that was opened. However, as you are not connected to the internet and the browser didn’t cache the page properly, you are unable to view that page. You then click the Forward button thinking that at least that page will load, but it doesn’t. You need to reconnect to the internet to be able to view the pages. HTML 5, thankfully, provides a smarter solution. While building the site, the developer can specify the files that the browser should cache. So, even if you refresh the page when you are offline, the page will still load correctly. This sort of caching has several advantages like offline browsing, files load much faster and reduced load on server

9. Client-side database

  • While cookies have been used to track unique user data for years, they have serious disadvantages. The largest flaw is that all of your cookie data is added to every HTTP request header. This can end up having a measurable impact on response time. So a best practice is to reduce cookie size. With HTML5 we can do better by using session Storage and localStorage(two different storage in HTML5) in place of cookies. It is not a permanent database, but enables you to store structured data, temporarily.

10. Geolocation support

  • With help of Geolocation any one can find out where you are in the world and sharing that information with people. There is different ways to figure out where you are — your IP address, your wireless network connection, which cell tower your phone is talking to, or dedicated GPS hardware that calculates latitude and longitude from information sent by satellites in the sky. But The new HTML5 geolocation APIs make location, whether generated via GPS or other methods, directly available to any HTML5-compatible browser-based application.

Search Engine Optimisation Essentials

What is Search Engine Optimization?

  • Search engine optimization is the process of writing a webpage with the right Meta tags in the appropriate parts of a web page to be crawled by web crawlers, web spiders, and web robots later to be indexed on search databases to be searched by internet users or consumers.
  • As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO considers how search engines work, what people search for, the actual search terms or keywords typed into search engines and which search engines are preferred by their targeted audience. Optimizing a website may involve editing its content, HTML and associated coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines. Promoting a site to increase the number of backlinks, or inbound links, is another SEO tactic.The plural of the abbreviation SEO can refer to “search engine optimizers,” those who provide SEO service.

Why is Search Engine Optimization important?

  • SEO services should be a necessary part of running and maintaining a website for your business. It has been estimated that over 75% to 86% of all internet users use search engines to find products, services, and obtain information. If you plan to have visitors on your website, to sell products or to promote products, this is the best way to gain traffic. This is because it is the way to reach more people on the internet.

How long is the Process?

  • SEO Service takes time mainly because it takes a while for web crawlers to get your website crawled before indexed in databases. Sometimes it can take up to 9 months, in an ideal situation the wait period is 6 weeks. The process of optimization for higher rankings can take about 2 months. Benefits In the long run, you will gain increase in web traffic, increase sales, and your website will be frequently crawled by web robots this will aid in link popularity and link visibility – this means your website can be easily found on the web. Compared with pay per click advertising, SEO service is way cheaper.

What is the challenge?

  • The challenge is, knowing your industry toward finding appropriate keywords, and making the web page or web site both search engine and user friendly.