The WordPress tool was initially introduced for blogging uses and its here where it started. Writing up online and bringing them in notice was the way to express one’s thought. It became the way to put across what you feel, your experiences and many more. From photography to cooking lesson, education colleges to how to prepare yourself as a professional, everything was available online and used WordPress. After making its mark for the blogging it has now evolved into a great CMS for your Business Website. Here Wazebs Technologies will tell you why you should use WordPress for your website CMS,

1 Usability:

The business owners today want a website which be controlled, edited, deleted, added and updated by them. Other CMS module requires a person specially for altering the data in them. Whereas WordPress doesn’t work that way and we have seen that in blogging. The editing interface is exactly like the one in Blog and contains all the features that MS office would consist. So doing it will be as easy as writing a word document.

2 Integrated Blog

WordPress was originally brought for Blogging and that feature continues to be there in the CMS module as well. So write as much as you can and share things about your business with your customers didn’t know.

3 Interactive

The Blog feature in the WordPress CMS module makes it interactive. You write on the blog and then you share across using the social media links and that way you will be interact with your audiences with ease. It’s the age of share and thumbs up, so start right away with your new WordPress Website.


4 SEO Plug-in

Unless your website is not visible on the search engines, it’s of no use. For that you need proper SEO work to be done there and that’s where WordPress comes into picture. It just helps your SEO work easy using the SEO Plug-in where you can add various Meta details and then start showing up on the search engine and rule there.


5 Easy Customization

With the WordPress theme available one doesn’t really has put in much effort designing on the website. In fact there is a collection which available for free and some of the featured ones are paid which comes with a fine price if considering a one time investment.


6 Plugins

The WordPress CMS platform consists of more than 19,000. Image pallets, SEO Plug-in, Payment gateways and many more; you name them and it’s there. So one could say no need of customized features and here is ready made package for you.


7 Open Source

Well it is said that there are no free lunches but here we do have. The best thing about this CMS that it an open source tool that means it comes for FREE and doesn’t require a license to update or distribute.


So grab your opportunity by having a WordPress CMS website now!!!